Steampunk Hands Around the World 2018 – Welcome!

01 Feb

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Es ist wieder soweit! „Steampunk Hands Around the World“ lädt Euch ein zu einer Reise rund um den Globus! Viel Spass!
Euer Dan Aetherman

Airship Ambassador

Logo courtesy of Mr XPK

In 2014, I started Steampunk Hands Around the World after a simple transatlantic chat with my friend, author Josue Ramos. I was excited about and wanted to celebrate the friendship, creativity, and common interests that steampunk engendered around the world.

Since our first global blogathon, we’ve visited playgrounds and workshops, seen some of our favorite things, and learned how steampunk makes our lives better. This year, we’re taking to the roads and rails, the seas and the air as we head around the world on a steampunk road trip!

Steampunk isn’t just of interest in one country, or one region, it truly spans everywhere a person could go. Steampunk lives in every person who defines themselves as such, in every country, on every continent (OK, Antarctica could be a stretch, but I’m willing to be optimistic). The internet can take us everywhere, and translation programs…

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