7 Steampunk Movies Nerds Everywhere Will Emulate

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Be prepared when scientists give up on fusion by getting a firm grasp on steam technology that will blow the average barista’s mind. We didn’t really need all that internet and electronic stuff anyway, right? With truckloads of cool designs and imaginative applications, these are seven steampunk movies that nerds everywhere will emulate.


Steampunk cyborgs, flying machines and mysterious metal balls that are the penultimate form of steam power make “Steamboy” a riotous adventure flick. Besides the steampunk body part replacements, the interesting use of machine hands as biometrics are sure to give excited nerds something to contemplate when designing their own imaginative worlds. As the castle sheds its façade, the integration of Dr. Edward into the machine is one to behold just on the amount of gears alone.

“The Golden Compass”

Come for the genre, stay for the warrior caste of polar bears that run rampant in “The Golden Compass”. It’s hard to beat zeppelins for steampunk awesomeness, but with individual souls being lodged in animal shaped daemons, a mechanical device that reveals the truth through its symbol covered face and an evil inquisition bearing down on all aspects of that world’s civilization this story becomes a truly compelling steampunk-ridden tale. The evil monkey daemon’s domination of Lyra’s daemon is a scene of serious creepiness.

“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”.

With the Nautilus and her captain Nemo, two legendary figures of steampunk lore get reborn into contemporary film. With other monsters and heroes of literature, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” take their steampunk submarine and extraordinarily powerful roadster and set out to save the world as a team. The gun battle to shepherd Mr. Hyde into capture is a scene that sets the mood perfectly for this team of misfits.


Rasputin, a pyrokinetic, a merman, a demon hero and an immortal Nazi bag of sand and gears makes “Hellboy” one of the greatest steampunk action films out there. If this movie doesn’t fill all your cinematic needs then the American Girl store is down on the left because clearly you just want to play dress up instead of get dirty with some great story telling. The impending sense of doom as Kroenen is reanimated at the B.P.R.D and you know that Professor Broom is defenseless is a scene that captures anxious trepidation with a deft touch.

“Young Sherlock Holmes”.

The steampunk is afoot as Sherlock and Watson tackle an Egyptian cult to solve a series of murders in Victorian London. Few things are better than a murder mystery lit by gaslight and reeking slightly of horse carriage. Cheer or smirk as the crime solving duo take to the skies in a flying machine that is equal parts guesswork and theory.

“Howl’s Moving Castle”.

Magic and steam powered machinery power both the storyline and the actual castle in “Howl’s Moving Castle”. War gets conquered by love and compassion with a fair dose of magic thrown in just to add a little spice as Sophie and Howl grow closer and closer. Sophie’s discovery of the castle sparks the imagination as the scene sets the audience up for the joy of discovering something new that’s been hiding just out of touch.

“The City of Lost Children”.

With the exception of some of the required college courses, there’s no other device to drain life force currently available like the machine in “The City of Lost Children”. As Miette struggles to stop the dream-stealing contraption and rescue the kidnapped children, “The City of Lost Children” provides an incredible environment of steampunk mechanisms and imagination that runs alongside her, enhancing the story and the experience for the audience. The new take on walking the plank utilizing fish heads is a scene that will stick in your head for a long, long time.

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